By Mandlenkosi Artur Moyo

The Makwe Community Receiving Groceries for their Tuckshop IGP received by the Headmaster, Malack Mpofu, Kraalhead Kastoma Ngulube as well as the School development committee.

TEN rural schools in Gwanda under the School Readiness Initiative recently received groceries from Uluntu Community Foundation for their Income-Generating Project.

This donation comes at a time when the organisation is complementing the efforts of the Ministry of Education in encouraging schools to have Income Generating Projects that will enable the schools to finance their School Development Plans and facilitate their development.

The ten schools received groceries ranging from cases of Flour, Soap, packets of corn snacks, beans, chunks, matemba, sweets, chewing gums, maputi, mahewu, candles, and matches as a boost towards the starting of community tuck shops.

“We thank the generous donation by Uluntu Community Foundation for giving us these groceries. The tuck shop will not only serve the children who come to the school but also nearby community members as well” said Kastoma Ngulube, who is the Village head of the Makwe community.

The groceries came as a way of boosting already existing Income Generating Projects which took strain as a result of Covid 19 induced restrictions.

Gwakwe’s Tuckshop IGP

“These groceries will go a long way in boosting our tuck shop stock and came at a very critical time. We thank Uluntu and Partners for thinking of us,” said Innocent Mabhena who is the senior kraal head at Gwakwe Primary School.

These IGPs came in after the government authorised schools to run income-generating activities (businesses) free of tax in order to finance themselves and their SDPs.

The schools have other Income generating projects such as livestock rearing projects, pen fattening, poultry and gardens.