About Us


We are an active, vibrant and leading activist Community Foundation based in Matabeleland, province in Zimbabwe. Our name is Uluntu Community Foundation (UCF), we were registered in 2008 with the aim of facilitating community led people centered development. We work towards eliminating poverty and hunger in the targeted communities. To fulfill our mission, we mobilise resources (financial, technical, material and intellectual) and use them to support the communities that we work with in urban and rural areas so that they can build strong movements capable of resisting injustice in any form and eliminating poverty.

We also offer unique opportunities and a vehicle to individuals and groups for strategic giving, learning about the communities that we support, and promoting local philanthropy.

We are youngish but bold, we do not stammer, our voice is loud and demanding. We call attention to development barriers, speak, support and promote initiatives that act against injustice, call out discrimination, shape constructive conversations in communities, challenge opposing voices and celebrate victories. Uluntu makes news and responds to the headlines: We regularly contribute to, and are cited in prominent development circles and community foundation global family publications.


OUR VALUES: Our values are based on love and respect for the people that we serve, we believe in inclusiveness, diversity and innovation. We believe that real social change happens from the ground up; that those who experience problems have the perspective necessary to solve them, our role is to ensure that we support genuine citizen‑led development. We are an activist fund/organisation because we stand alongside the communities we are working with. We walk alongside our constituency.

OUR FOCUS: For over 5 years, we’ve supported activities initiated by those on the ground who are most impacted by poverty, lack of food, lack of children’s facilities, violence and other forms of injustice so as to unleash their potential. The majority of our grantees are women, most of whom have been abandoned by husbands who crossed the border and settled in South Africa.

Convinced that community advocacy builds awareness and gives a voice to local communities, Uluntu Community Foundation focuses on the following thematic areas:

  • Food Security and Livelihoods,
  • Education
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Research

These activities are undertaken and shaped by the communities we work with rather than being developed from outside of those communities.  In supporting these activities, we offer more than money; we mobilise and organise communities, provide technical assistance, organise follow up activities and promote advocacy.

'uplifting people'