Call for Expression of Interest

Uluntu Community Foundation Terms of Reference to conduct a Baseline Survey on Local giving in
Zimbabwe with a focus on the Matabeleland Region.

1. Introduction
Uluntu Community Foundation (UCF) is vibrant and leading activist Community Foundation based in
Matabeleland provinces in Zimbabwe. The organization aims to facilitate community led and people
centered development to alleviate poverty, hunger and empower communities. Uluntu Community
Foundation mobilizes resources (financial, technical, material and intellectual) and uses them to support
the communities in both urban and rural communities, building strong movements capable of resisting
injustice in any form and eliminating poverty.
2. Background
Uluntu Community Foundation provides a vehicle to individuals, groups and communities for strategic
giving and promotes local giving.
Giving is central for communities during times of crisis. Local giving supports less privileged members of
the community and community projects such as school buildings and other development infrastructure.
Communities organize themselves to give through labour, food, clothing and other forms to meet the
needs of the community in particular the vulnerable groups such as orphans, widows, the elderly,
people living with HIV/AIDS and people with disabilities.
Local communities in Zimbabwe, have for generations, practiced local giving through food contributions,
giving labour and time at community events such as funerals, weddings and farming activities.
Communities also organize themselves into saving groups where members contribute a set amount of
money on a weekly or monthly basis. The money raised is used to help group members during funerals,
to pay health bills, groceries and to support micro lending to members while generating wealth and
household incomes.
The organisation intends to conduct a baseline survey in its constituencies and invites interested
individuals or organizations to carry out the exercise on its behalf.
3. Objectives of the Assignment
a. Uluntu Community Foundation wants to establish giving trends of the communities in Matabeleland
region. The consultant is to carry out a mixed-method (qualitative and quantitative) research on local
giving and how it can sustain community initiatives.
b. The survey seeks to provide understanding how the communities interpret and use the concept of
local giving for their own development initiatives.
c. Uluntu Community Foundation further seeks to establish the level of understanding of and trust in its
activities by the communities it works with and how it can improve its services.
d. Uluntu Community Foundation wants to establish what resources are available in each community,
be it infrastructure, skills, finance and other that can be tapped or utilized to support community

The survey will cover UCF’s geographic areas of operation in Bulawayo, Gwanda and Umzingwane.
4. Role of the consultant and expected outputs
The specific tasks of the consultant will be to:
a. Develop a detailed work plan with a timeline to carry out the baseline survey
b. Develop and pre-test relevant data capturing tools
c. Identify legislation that promotes or discourage local giving
d. Capture statistics of local givers.
e. Establish an inventory of locally available resources that the communities can tap into
for their development.
f. Research report in hard and electronic copy in not more than 45 pages
g. Provide a one day presentation of the survey report to stakeholders

5. Time allocation
This assignment should be completed over a maximum period of twenty one days.
6. Other conditions
a. Uluntu Community Foundation will help in mobilising the targeted communities or
b. Uluntu Community Foundation will identify volunteers that will be capacitated by the
consultant on use of the data collection tools and will be answerable to the consultant
c. Consultant will have liberty to access information from the organisational files and archives
which may help him/her execute the assigned duty effectively
d. The shortlisted applicants will undergo interviews
e. During the course of the contract consultant shall liaise with Uluntu Community Foundation
administration to ensure smooth implementation of the survey.

7. How to apply
Submit an expression of interest of not more than three pages, outlining consultant’s experience,
knowledge of the subject, methodology, timelines, fees and budget.
The application must be accompanied by curriculum vitae with 3 references and a sample of past work
related to the assignment. Application to be sent to:
The Acting Executive Director,
Deadline of submissions is 19 January 2018. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.