Ministry visits 2 Schools In Gwanda

Last Week Uluntu Community Foundation went on a monitoring visit to 2 schools within the School Readiness Initiative program with The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education Harare, represented by Mr Mennard Danga, Gwanda Provincial and District offices represented by Mr Zenzo Moyo and Uteng Sebata, and regional partners Child Protection Society.
The SRI, which will end on 31 October 2021, has seen an improvement in the reception of the Early Childhood Development program in the Gwanda communal area. One key feature was the growing trends of ECD children coming in as opposed to going out.
The Ministry supported program, which was meant to scale access to quality ECD learning in rural schools, has seen 10 schools from the rural areas receiving Income generating projects, training and capacitation, and a Smart Tablet Early Learning Assessment tablet for each school which was meant to assist the teacher in assessing the early learners.
Another equally important success story of the SRI was the parental involvement in the development of their schools, specifically looking at the development of the ECD areas. Through the intervention of the SRI, parents have been roped in, in creating a conducive learning environment for early learners and they have done so through producing and repairing indoor and outdoor play areas as well as tending to the Income Generating projects.
As the program is coming to completion, a relationship has been established between the communities and the schools such that in the absence of donor or government funding, the schools can continue to develop with assistance from the community as its most important resource.