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Why Uluntu

Uluntu was registed in 2008 to provide a people centered mechanism for community development and empowerment in Matabeleland Provinces. The Foundation serves as a convener, a broker and catalyst for community empowerment through training and grant making.

Uluntu Community Foundation seeks to provide tools for the building of resources (financial, technical, material, and intellectual) within and outside communities in the Matabeleland Provinces. the tools will enhance local philanthropy and build leadership as well as entrepreneurship at the community level.

Many Zimbabweans both inside and outside the country are looking for possible ways to overcome the current stark conditions.They know that real change and progress will come from the people themselves employing their skills and ideas. They need an institutional partner that can help translate this vision to reality for the long term and that will be a resource for our communities for years to come.

Uluntu is convinced  that the key to sustainable livelihoods is in the empowerment of households as development change agents. Uluntu will provide a channel for local and international partnerships to support projects initiated by communities.

Convinced that community advocacy builds awareness and gives a voice to local communities, Uluntu focuses on the following thematic areas specifically to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit for the good of all Zimbabweans in its programming:

• Education,
• Food Security and Livelihoods,
• Research and,
• Social Entrepreneurship.

'uplifting people'